Next-Generation Berlin is a technologically-driven platform fostering marginalised voices, often left unheard in the music industry. The aim is to invite visibility and learning, understand adversities and dissect processes, and create conditions necessary for innovation and impact.

Amidst heightened socio-political limitations and anxieties, discrimination, and restricted resource capital, Next-Generation Berlin aspires to cultivate, preserve, and celebrate collective ambition. In cooperation with musicBwomen*, Next-Generation Berlin embodies the responsibility, weight, and commitment required to catalyse meaningful shifts marked for longevity.

In attempting to spark dialogue in the exclusionary echo chambers, we do not limit the premise to artistic experimentation but also focus on strengthening entrepreneurship skills that lead to more equitable transformations in the fabric of the creative industries. Next-Generation Berlin is home to an infectious resilience and a gripping urgency to nurture collaboration, innovation, and self-empowerment.

open call

This open call addresses artists and artist-led projects, labels, and collectives who wish to further their explorations within the music ecosystems, technology and tools, and entrepreneurship. Three selected mentees will be assigned coaching experts and present at the Most Wanted: Music Conference (November. 15, 2023) and broadcast to the partner networks of the Berlin Music Commission.

The selection process prioritises intersectionality, encouraging migrant, BIPOC, FLINTA+, and persons with disabilities to apply. 

Upon selection, the participating projects will communicate their pivotal needs crucial for the development and progress of their project.

It’s important to emphasise that the Most Wanted: Music Conference serves as a platform to showcase the progress and research of our mentees, but it does not signify the conclusion of their endeavours. Our commitment extends to supporting continuous growth and empowering mentees to advance their research, refine their projects, and sustain a positive impact on the music industry well beyond the conference.


Deadline for Submission EXTENDED: [04. 10. 2023 – 11.59 pm CET]. This is the date by which all applications must be received.

Mentees Notified and Announced: [09. 10. 2023]. This is when the selected mentees will be notified privately, and the official announcement will be made public shortly after.

Mentorship Phase: [10. 2023] – [12. 2023]. This is the duration during which mentees will work closely with their mentors to develop their projects.

Meeting at MW:M Conference: [15. 11. 2023]. This marks the conference where the mentees will present their progress and research to a wider audience.

Closing Event: [Early December]. This event serves as a culmination of the mentorship program and can include project showcases, networking opportunities, and reflections on the journey.


The selected mentees will receive coaching sessions by experts. The budget includes: 

1) An expense allowance totaling 1,000 € for the coaching period, distributed monthly at 500 € per month.

2) A project enhancement budget of up to 200 € for technology, software, marketing, or other smaller purchases related to their projects.

Next–Generation Berlin 2023 is made possible through the support of GVL.


Our three-member expert panel from the music and creative industries will carefully select the mentees. The jurors will be announced with the results, adding transparency to their valuable contributions to the selection process.

how to apply:

To apply for Next-Generation Berlin 2023, please visit our Application Form.

For inquiries and further information, please contact jannat[at]

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